Stop studying English.
Start using it.

Top Five English Problems in Japan

  1. In an English classroom, the teacher lectures and the students quietly take notes.
  2. Information is gathered in words and phrases, but the use of them is not practiced.
  3. Japanese people have been socially trained to be shy and not speak out or ask questions.
  4. English is not seen as necessary to function in Japanese society.
  5. Katakana words and 和製英語 make English more difficult to learn.

Solutions Offered at Amy's English Lab

  1. I am not here to lecture you. My goal is to help you use what you already know in order to express yourself.
  2. A baseball player cannot simply read a book on baseball and be expected to play well. They need to practice, practice, practice! I want to help you build your skills.
  3. Let’s laugh and make mistakes together. There’s no pressure here! Please ask all the questions you want.
  4. Understand why English is necessary in a global market. Learn about foreign cultures. Of course, I’m an American culture expert!
  5. Learn how to express yourself clearly. Good communication should be your aim.

Course-Based Learning

Distance Learning

Learn with me at your own pace, 24 hours a day! My materials will help you think about English in a new way.

Custom Solutions

Work with me to solve immediate problems, retain English fluency, or prepare for the future.

Group Lessons

Why not enjoy a fun, high quality, and affordable English lesson with your friends? Let's smile together!

Other Services

Editing / Proofreading

Let me be the second set of eyes to help you craft the message you want to present to the world.

Translation (JPN to ENG)

As a native speaker of English, I can help retain your message in a way that is understandable overseas.


Sharpen your message to reach the English-speaking audience you want. Bring English speaking customers to you!

About Me

Hey there, I’m Amy from Silicon Valley (San Jose) in California! I’ve been teaching English in Kanagawa since 2014. I love my new home of Yokohama.

Before coming to Japan, I was a secretary for seven years. I feel that learning from someone who has actually worked in an office setting will give you an advantage in your career. I have worked in several fields, supporting everyone in the organization (yes, even the CEO!). This has given me the skills to assist you to reach your goals.

For five years, I worked at N○VA. In my final three years, I received their highest honor as one of the Top 50 Instructors in Japan, 12 times. This honor was thanks to anonymous votes from my students every month. 

I have made great efforts in continuously sharpening my skills. Supporting people in English is not a hobby for me, but the purpose of my life (生きがい).  In the process of teaching, I continue to learn from my students. You inspire me!

I take your learning very seriously and offer the best possible solutions through the use of various materials combined with my own experience and yours. We’re a team; let’s make it happen together.

I do hope that you will choose me as your partner in your English journey. You won’t be disappointed.


Free 30-minute strategy session

During our strategy session, we’ll get to know each other a little better to see if we’re a good fit. 

We’ll talk about where you are now, where you want to be, and make a plan to get there.

Let’s make it happen together.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Sessions are typically provided either at my office or online. Other locations negotiable.

Online sessions are available on your favorite web meeting platform. I prefer using Zoom and am happy to host.

My office is located between Yayoidai and Ryokuentoshi stations on the Sotetsu Line.

  • 17 mins on foot
  • 7 mins by bus
  • Free parking in front of building


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